As a CM Index LTD Partner, we authorise you to use our brand to promote CM Index LTD , however, there are simple and easy guidelines that we require you to follow when you promote our services. You must not infringe on our intellectual property rights, impersonate, misrepresent CM Index LTD, or cause confusion in the marketplace about our relationship with us. Please refer to the list below on how to ensure that you are within the marketing guidelines.

i. Marketing Claims & Statement To Avoid

Please avoid using the below statement in any form in any of your advertising or marketing materials:

1. Refrain from making any claim or statement that there is little or no risk of the client investor making a loss.

2. Do not make any promises of any benefits when it is likely that these promises cannot be fulfilled.

3. Avoid making any misleading, materially false, or incorrect claims or statements to attract or persuade a person to apply for an account with us.


If you are unsure of what to say, please contact us right away and we will be able to assist you.

ii. Non-Compete

You must not market to potential traders:

1. On any site where we promote our  Website; unless with our permission & the contents are not as in section i.

2. On any internet search engine on which we promote our website; unless with our permission & the contents are not as in section i.

3. In any other manner which results in you competing with us about the promotion of your sites including but not limited to the promotion of your site(s) through other affiliates; and,

4. Any other online software, application, or platform enabling online trading like and/or competitive with us.

5. Using paid search ads that target like CM Index LTD or any variation of that; unless with our permission & the contents are not as in section i.


If you breach provisions, we reserve the right to terminate your membership in the program and void any fee entitlements due to you.

iii. Intellectual Property Rights

You acknowledge that we will retain the ownership (including property rights) in the material we develop before or during the term of these terms, including the affiliate collateral.

Nothing in these terms should be construed as granting you any license or right to use the Affiliate collateral or any of our other trademarks and branding other than as permitted under these terms.


You may display banners and text links on your site, use another affiliate collateral, and hold yourself out to be a CM Index Affiliates to conduct referrals under this Affiliate program if you:

1. Obtain our approval first before you publish any affiliate collateral (which we will not unreasonably withhold); 

2. refrain from using affiliates’ collateral (which we will not unreasonably withhold).

3. Display affiliate collateral in a way that complies with our brand guidelines and any other directions that we give you from time to time.

4. You will notify us immediately in writing if you become aware of an infringement on any of our intellectual property or other ownership rights, or if you become aware of a claim by any part that our products, trademarks, or logos infringe on a third party’s intellectual property or ownership rights.


If you breach these provisions, we reserve the right to terminate your membership in the program and void any fee entitlements due to you.

iv. Banners and Text Links

1. Only use our banners and text links in the manner directed by us and not modify them in any way without our prior consent.

2. Only direct  Display Banners and text links to the homepage of our website.

v. Prohibited Referral Conduct

  • 1. You must not engage in any illegal, improper, misleading, or deceptive conduct or make any representations that may have a detrimental effect on our reputation or those of our products and services.

  • 2. You must not: engage in any illegal activity of any type, such as displaying illegal content on your website or in your subscription emails, actively target any person who is under 18 years old, regardless of the age of majority in the location where you are engaging in referrals activities; and any resident of the United States, and any other countries where we are banned from registering traders, as notified to you from time to time.

  • 3. Log in to trader accounts or conduct trading activities on their behalf.

  • 4. IB cannot register an account, apply for bonuses or promotions on the behalf of their clients.

  • 5. Operate a website that contains or promotes misleading, defamatory, or illegal content, or a link to a website that does so. Misleading content includes making any promises whatsoever about returns and displaying our disclaimer, license without our express permission.65. Send unsolicited commercial electronic messages (spam).

  • 6. Send potential traders directly to our websites via your referral links to our website(s) in commercial electronic messages, display advertising networks, counters, guestbooks, forums, blogs, chat rooms, or other similar internet resources.

  • 7. Enable bad faith transactions, including via any device, program robot, IP address, redirects and bogus traffic.

  • 8. establish any promotions that provide rewards, points, or compensation to a trader for registering for an account with us, including any kind of payment deal, without our prior approval.

  • 9. take any action that would dilute or tarnish the value of our trademarks or branding.
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